New York Woman Dies After Falling From 17-Story Balcony

A first date for a New York businesswoman ended tragically when she leaned against the balcony railing of her 17th floor apartment and fell to her death.

Jennifer Rosoff was enjoying a date night with Stephen Close when they both decided to go onto the outside balcony so Rosoff could enjoy a cigarette.

Rosoff was allegedly leaning against the railing or had perched herself on top of the ledge when her date warned her that the railing looked unstable.

Rosoff replied she wasn’t worried because she had sat on the balcony previously without incident. Within minutes, Rosoff fell backwards and landed on construction scaffolding located 17 stories down, killing her instantly.

Close screamed for help and ran down to the building’s lobby, alerting everyone within earshot that his friend had fallen off of her apartment balcony railing. Horrified onlookers said that Close seemed traumatized by what he had witnessed.

Officials from the City of New York took immediate action to warn fellow building residents to stay off of their balconies until the structures could be examined by building engineers. Police do not suspect any foul play in the death of Rosoff, who worked at an executive at an advertising agency.

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