New York seems to be tea totaling.

Some are calling it “the Mariah Carey Effect.”
Could it be that “hot tea” is making a comeback in New York City?
The Whitby Hotel is finding more tea sales in their British Afternoon tea service, reported the New York Post. At $45 per person, more New Yorkers are sipping English Breakfast tea with tarts, scones and finger sandwiches.
Other world-class hotels, such as The Peninsula, The Pierre, The Plaza and the Taj Hotel are also seeing an uptick in the tea drinkers, reports the Post.
New Yawk is a “cawfee” town or coffee town for the rest of America. There is a Starbucks on every corner of Manhattan and a Dunkin Donuts or Gregory’s Coffee in between.
But a new year may have started a new trend. Ever since Mariah Carey wowed the New Year’s crowds in Times Square and around the world with both her voice and glamorously skimpy negligee. Dripping with baubles and clad in white fur, the talented chanteuse simply asked for her hot tea while on stage. There was none. But instead of throwing a tantrum of Diva-like proportions, Carey jokingly called it a “disaster.”
“Okay, well, we’ll just have to rough it,” Carey said. “I’m gonna be like everyone else, with no hot tea.”
And with that, the first meme of 2018 was born. Social media was abuzz with comments and concern that Mariah gets her hot tea. #hottea became hot.
There are many who feel that the extreme cold weather has contributed to the higher demands for hot tea while others point to “the Mariah Carey effect.”
The Tea Council of the USA may contribute the increase tea drinking to the fact that January is National Hot Tea Month. Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world after waters, states the organization’s website.
Mariah Carey did eventually get her hot tea after her highly acclaimed performance. And like the more than 158 million Americans who drink tea every day, she enjoyed it.

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