New Subway Cars Coming to New York City

New York City is home to one of the world’s oldest and most extensive subway systems. New Yorkers and visitors alike rely on the system to help them get to work and to the city’s many historic and contemporary attractions. In an effort to better help serve the needs of the riding public, New York City transit officials have announced plans to buy new subway cars. Over the next two years, officials have announced plans to spend four billion dollars to bring modernized cars to the city’s riders. The new subway cars are expected to help provide better service and reduce some of the ongoing issues that commuters face from crowded cars.

A New Contract

The new cars are being purchased from Kawasaki, a Japanese based company that has long helped create new ways to transport people. The new cars will be introduced to commuters in three stages. During the first stage, the MTA is going to purchase over five hundred subway cars for nearly a billion and a half dollars. Should these cars prove to do well and allow for a better ride for the public, subway officials will purchase additional cars from the company. Over the coming years, officials at the Metropolitan Transit Authority have agreed to pay for a total of about sixteen hundred cars for a total cost of $3.7 billion. The new cars are to be made at two locations in the United States: the Kawasaki plant in Yonkers in New York state and another facility across the country in Lincoln, Nebraska. These new cars have modern features that are expected to allow the MTA to meet their goals of better service that allows more passengers on each train and fewer breakdowns in between.

Modern Features

These new subway cars also have many new features that riders are expected to embrace. The cars allow for an additional fifty-five people to fit inside, thus helping to reduce rush hour congestion as people head home from work to the outer boroughs. Each car will also have computer monitor on board. The monitor helps transit officials monitor the performance of each individual car. This way, officials at the MTA can determine which subway cars need to be brought to the shop for any minor repairs long before they become major repairs. Subway riders are expected to find the new cars more appealing and easier to use over time.

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