Carousels in New York City

New York City is known for many things: Tall skyscrapers, great ethnic food, speeding cabs, and yes, even pigeons. But according to a recent CNN article, the city is also home to some fantastic carousels. New York City boasts over a dozen merry-go-rounds. And one of the neat things about these wondrous round-abouts is the diversity of style among them. They are found in all five boroughs. Some are even over a century old.

Brooklyn is known as NYC’s headquarters for merry-go-rounds. The B&B carousel at Coney Island is perhaps the best known, with highly decorated horses and flashy gold, large reflective mirrors and stunning jewels.
Other Brooklyn carousels include Jane’s Carousel, located in a giant glass box known as “The Jewel Box” and the Prospect Park Carousel, originally made at Coney Island.

Other Bouroghs
Manhattan is home to some excellent carousels. The SeaGlass Carousel is the newest merry-go-round in the city, sporting 30 fiberglass fish (instead of horses) for your riding pleasure. In addition, Manhattan also boasts the Pier 62 Carousel, Le Carrousel, the Friedsam Memorial Carousel in Central Park.

There is a Bug Carousel at the Bronx zoo where you can catch a ride on a grasshopper. Queens is home to two carousels: The Flushing Meadows Carousel, featuring over 70 horses and the Forest Park Carousel, which is the only NYC carousel that has been awarded New York City Landmark status. Staten Island also has a merry-go-round, the Carousel for All Children, built in the Victorian Style.

So whether you are a purist who will only ride on a horse, or are more of an adventurist and are attracted to fish or bugs, NYC has the merry-go-round for you. Next time you are in New York City, go for a whirl on one of the city’s historic and iconic carousels.


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