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The main challenge of running a non-profit is attracting donors to the organization. Philanthropists tend to be the main investors in the non-profit world, each one looking into causes they can support. Among them is Adam Milstein, a renowned philanthropist who supports pro-Israel organizations through the Milstein Family Foundation together with Gila Milstein.

The Milstein Family Foundation supports organizations such as the Israeli-American Council (IAC), the goal of which is to build an engaged and united Israeli-American community that strengthens the Israeli and Jewish identity of the next generation.

Adam Milstein Foundation also supports the American Israel Education Foundation, which funds research on the Middle East, leadership programs for college students, and trips to Israel for political leaders to help them witness first-hand the importance of the American-Israeli relationship. The Milstein Family Foundation also supports organizations such as the Jewish National Fund, Human Rights Voices, the American Society of Yad Vashem Inc., and Scholars for Peace in the Middle-East.

The Adam Milstein’s Family Foundation operates on three main principles.

The first and foremost is active philanthropy.

The Milstein Family Foundation invests time and resources, not just money, to make sure that the organizations, programs, and projects it supports are impactful and successful.

The second principle is a life-path impact. 

The Foundation seeks to engage young people and adolescents, teaching them about Israel and Jewish culture and ensuring they stay knowledgeable about their culture.

The third principle is the philanthropic synergy.

The Foundation seeks to connect and combine resources of many different philanthropic organizations with common goals in order to achieve a greater impact.

IAC-Chairman-Adam-Milstein-at-Israeli-American-Council-National-Conference-1.-Credit-Peter-Halmagyi-1Adam Milstein combined his already existing experience in the non-profit world together with the principle of philanthropic synergy to create the Donor Forum. The Donor Forum allows pro-Israel organizations to pitch ideas to various donors over lunch. This process improves the sometimes cumbersome nature of soliciting for funds, allowing organizations to receive a quick response on whether they will be able to receive funding or not. The donors present are required to commit a minimum of $10,000 annually to pro-Israel causes that feature during the forum.

During the latest Donor Forum luncheon, two pitches arose the members’ interest. One came from the Haym Salomon Centre, a public policy group that works to change the anti-Israel and the antisemitism perspective sometimes seen in the media. The other was put on by the Students Supporting Israel, a movement by college students setting out to educate others about Israeli and Jewish culture.

One of the new events put on by the Adam Millstein Family Foundation is the Meme Competition.

milstein meme competition Young people are encouraged to submit high-quality memes that discuss subjects of Israel and pro-Israel activities. The memes are reviewed by a panel of high school and college meme experts, who award the winner a $500 prize.

Adam Milstein has received awards and recognition for his great work and contributions in the Israel-American Community, which have given him even a larger platform to support his community and give life back to the Jewish culture. The Milstein Family Foundation is also one of the main supporters of the Israel-American community projects and programs, which has continued to create a positive outlook on Israel as a nation. All in all, the most important contribution by the Milstein Family Foundation is ensuring that the next generation of youth are well aware of their Jewish culture.

The lesson we all can take from philanthropist Adam Milstein is that it takes one to support another. He is continuously showing that youth can be supported to bring about social change.

A Bit More about Philanthropist Adam Milstein… 

Adam Milstein and Wife, Gila Milstein
Adam Milstein and Wife, Gila Milstein

Adam Milstein is one of the most instrumental people in the United States working on pro-Israeli, pro-Jewish non-profit causes. He co-founded the Israeli American Council (IAC) in Los Angeles in 2007 and currently serves as their national chairman of the board. Under Adam Milstein’s leadership, the IAC has quickly grown to include twelve regional councils spread out across the United States. Along with his wife Gila, Mr. Milstein started the Milstein Family Foundation, which is dedicated to helping Americans with Jewish heritage learn more about their roots, identify more strongly with Israel, and ensure the special affinity to the State of Israel of the young and future Jewish generations. Gila Milstein herself started Stand By Me, an organization dedicated to helping Israeli American cancer patients.

All of these non-profit activities keeps both Adam Milstein and Gila Milstein quite busy and well informed of the inner workings of the non-profit world. Perhaps the biggest challenge in the non-profit business is establishing sources of funding and keeping that funding flowing.



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