Bill Cosby look-alike in NJ loves the resemblance

By the time Ken Martin was a teenager, other people began pointing out to him that he looked just like actor and comedian Bill Cosby. The now 62-year old resident of Jersey City, NJ recalls the time that a group of international visitors began calling him “Scotty”, the name of Cosby’s “I Spy” TV show character, when they spotted him at working at the Republican National Convention in Miami. Martin says his resemblance to the famous comedian has helped him make new friends and meet quite a few pretty girls.

Whenever he is in New York City, people will shout out to him on the street, thinking he is actually Bill Cosby. During a recent visit to a hotel restaurant, even the maître d’ mistook him for Cosby and assured him he would be seated at his regular table. During a visit to Seattle to meet with his son, Martin was followed around by one woman who was convinced he was Cosby until Martin finally insisted he was not Cosby and wouldn’t be providing any autographs that day. Martin had even planned to meet Cosby at a fund raising event in Jersey City, but backed out of the chance at the last minute.

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