Famed NY Disc Jockey To Retire

Don Imus is calling it a career.

The famed 77-year-old disc jockey announced Monday morning on his Imus in the Morning show that Cumulus Media was not renewing its contract with him and that he would be retiring this coming March.

Imus began his radio career in California before coming to work for New York’s WNBC in 1971. It was there that he famously fought with fellow DJ Howard Stern. In 1988, he began working at WFAN, where he broadcast his show for nearly 20 years. MSNBC for a time also simulcasted the show on cable television.

In 2007, after making some unseemly remarks about the Rutgers women’s basketball team, WFAN fired him, and his career seemed to be in ruins. Though, less than a year later, WABC in New York hired him, and he has been there ever since. Fox Business Network also simulcasted this show until 2015. It’s been a show that has attracted big name politicians, such as John McCain, John Kerry and Rudi Giuliani. Then presidential candidate Donald Trump also appeared on the show when he was running for the White House in 2016.

While the show has been broadcast from Imus’ ranch in Texas, the entire crew of the program work out of New York. It is unclear at this moment whether any of them will continue in their duties, including producer Bernard McGuirk and sports reporter Sid Rosenberg. Though Imus said that he made the announcement early so that his crew would have time to find new jobs.

Imus has owned his well known ranch for 15 years along with his wife Deirdre, which is a functioning cattle ranch and a place where the two have run free summer camps for children with cancer. Imus himself is a cancer survivor. He is also a recovering alcoholic.

In addition to his radio career, Imus is a former Marine.

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