A 49-year-old fire captain from New York had been reported missing on Wednesday afternoon; Constantinos Fillipidis had gone out to mount whiteface to ski before being reported as a missing person. Tuesday morning, he made a phone call to the emergency services and informed them that he was a missing person. What does not make sense is how Constantinos got all the way to California which is 3000 miles from New York, which is 4,800 km to be precise. An announcement was made by the New York authorities confirming that Constantinos was safe and sound and schedule to be back to New York as soon as possible.

Constantinos told the authorities that he had suffered a concussion and could not quite remember some events that had occurred while he was missing. A few officers were sent to the airport to confirm if the man claiming to be Mr. Fillipidis was actually him, while at the airport the officers reasserted Constantinos identity and said he seemed confused and bewildered. Constantinos who was still wearing his skiing gear told the authorities that the only thing he could remember was that he was in some kind of truck and thought that was how he got to California, he couldn’t recall anything about the driver, not what he was wearing nor the color of his clothing’s.

The authorities said that Constantinos couldn’t give them much of anything of events that had happened over the last two days, but something that was still a mystery is why Mr. Fillipidis had a new haircut and an iPhone. There is a tone of unanswered questions but the most important thing at the moment is that Constantinos is back home safe with his family and friends. Mr. Shaun Hampton a Sergeant at the Sacramento Sheriff’s department assured everyone that they would get to the bottom of Mr. Fillipidis disappearance, and if it was a kidnapping or something of the sort find the culprits and take them in.

He told them not to be worried that he would dedicate his time, blood and sweat to the case and no one else would have to through the same tragedy. Mr. Fillipidis colleagues at the fire department were glad he was back home safe with no serious injuries and knowing him he would shake off any memories of the event and get back to work because helping people in need was much more important.

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