Flu Virus Running Rampant In New York

The flu virus is impacting every state in the country in some way. The Centers for Disease Control has declared that the virus is now an epidemic. It has reached a peak point in areas that include New York. It’s possible that there are still three months left of getting through the flu virus that hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other health officials have to deal with. The number of people who are seeking treatment for the flu is intensifying. Teachers are getting treated after contracting the virus from students who go to school instead of staying at home so that they can get better.

Some people are waiting until their symptoms are dangerous before seeking treatment. There are patients who have a runny nose and cough and think that they have a cold when they really have the flu. Health officials are urging anyone who has these symptoms, especially those who have a fever, to seek medical attention as soon as possible so that treatments can begin before the virus gets too bad. Hospitals are trying to keep up with the vast number of patients that are being seen, but supplies are running low. Workers are calling in sick, and there are few people available who can help treat patients.

Most patients describe the flu as a feeling of being hit by a truck. The symptoms begin abruptly and last for a few days. The vaccine for the year is not working like it should because there is a different strain that is spreading. The cold air that has taken over most of the country has caused more people to stay inside, which spreads the virus faster than in recent years. Some areas of New York have seen an increase of about 40 percent in the number of flu cases being reported.

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