Giants Are Eli’s Team but Shifty with Odell Beckham

The Giants are Eli Manning’s Team Once Again

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning looks to have a promising finish to his career as a member of the team.

In a recent press conference, head coach Pat Shurmur spoke to the press regarding Manning’s future, as well as wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr’s future, with team president John Mara at his side. What was very noticeable during the conference was the contrast in both Mara’s and Shurmur’s choice of words as far as both players were concerned.

Shurmur was confident in his belief that Manning has “years left” in his career, with Mara believing that it was nice to hear Shurmur say something positive about him. On the flip side of this, Shurmur praised Beckham’s talent while Mara held back a bit, saying that he wanted to meet up personally with him this summer and understanding “how we’re gonna act” before talking about extending his contract.

Shurmur has made a point in setting some new rules for behavior, and Mara’s rather lukewarm comments are not without reason. Over the years, Beckham has acted in ways that have left others with a bad taste in their mouths, from fighting with Josh Norman in 2015 and getting suspended, to missing practice for a boat trip before the Wild Card playoff game in 2016, to pretending to urinate on the field in Philadelphia earlier this season. So it’s simply natural that his antics didn’t earn him a lot of praise from the staff.

Despite this, Mara has mentioned previously that he wants Beckham to stay with the Giants and believes something about his contract will be fixed in time, but still wanted Shurmur and him to have an understanding about how he acts in the future.

At the same time, both Mara and Shurmur remained as confident as ever feeling that Manning would be a secure spot on the team roster. Mara mentioned that he always believed Manning would still be the quarterback of the team, in reference to the latter part of the season where Manning was benched for a game. Then Mara added that he simply wanted to forget about that incident and asked for people to stop bringing it up, believing it was mishandled.

He also said that he would’ve loved to see something from then-rookie Davis Webb but regretted the lack of opportunity to do that.


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