JFK Suffers Serious Cancellations And Delays Due To A Major Snow Storm

John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City set the stage for the patience of the travelers. The cancellations and lengthy delays continued for days due to the severe storm that hit the city. Travelers were confused, people turned to each other for warmth, and outrage and frustration were common as the travelers had to spend an additional night trying to sleep at the airport.

Austin Texas’s Bill Carver stated the situation made him so angry he had no words. Thousands of people told their horror stories, and the tension was extremely high. One group of travelers found cardboard, and separated the area into neighborhoods. Others existed for nearly a day on dark planes as they waited to either take off or get off the plane.

Michelle Lopez became frustrated because she sat on the plane for twenty hours. They were taken out to eat once, then were put back onto the plane. Dimitri Grigoryev has been waiting at the airport for three days, and said the other 300 passengers were showing signs of restlessness. For more details on this situation, please visit Your text to link….

New Jersey and New York’s port authority said there are so many flights that have been reschedueled since the snowstorm, they do not have enough gates to handle the reschedueled flights. Additional staff is working to deal with the 94 flights that were cancelled. The baggage situation has become dire as Rachel Greene continues to wait for her luggage since four in the morning. The luggage is supposed to be coming, but so far there has been no sign of her baggage.

Flights into the airport were limited by the Federal Aviation Administration including every Terminal 1 flight. Rachel Greene stated she has never seen anything close to the situation, and no longer wants to fly from JFK.

According to the Port Authority the planes collided on the tarmac due to the bitter temperatures and the storm. The taxiways and runways are operational, but the airlines are still trying to recover. Passengers with cancelled flights are being rebooked, and luggage is being returned to its owners. Equipment has failed due to the frigid temperatures, and the operations are a lot slower than usual. Customers are experiencing delays, especially for international flights.

According to the officials they are unable tp provide a timeline for normal operations. Passengers are being advised to speak with their individual airlines for any new information.

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