Major Snowstorm Potentially Headed for New York City

Those living in New York City know that sometimes the Winter season can be difficult. Many people in New York City have been dealing with colder temperatures, making a coat necessary for walking around the city. However, it now appears that NYC residents have the potential of dealing with a snowstorm that could see this city covered in about 8 inches of snow. Emergency officials within New York City have already issued an advisory that traveling within this area during this time of this storm is likely to be dangerous and is not advised. Here is what New York City is planning to do to prepare for this upcoming snowstorm.

NY Daily News reports that this storm is expected to begin around Saturday night where snow will begin to fall until Sunday morning. Therefore, it is expected that this short storm will cause blankets of snow to fall across the city within a very short amount of time. in addition, temperatures before the storm are expected to be below freezing.

That being said, New York City maintenance departments across the city are working to ensure that this storm has a minimal impact on local residents. It is reported that nearly 700 salt spreaders will be utilized, driving across the city applying salt to roadways. Local shelters within New York City are already preparing for the potential of welcoming new people into these facilities during the upcoming snowstorm.

To summarize, New York City is currently preparing for an upcoming snowstorm. This storm is expected to begin on Saturday night until it tapers off Sunday morning. What makes this storm significant is that it is expected to cover New York City in up to 8 inches of snow. Considering how much travel takes place in New York City, it appears that a large majority of this city could be affected by the upcoming snowstorm. It is recommended that travel is avoided throughout the duration of this storm.

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