New Jersey Authorities Arrest 79 Alleged Sex Offenders

‘Operation Safety Net’ resulted in 79 detainees. Some of them, according to the state attorney general, even tried to traffic children from New Jersey to California and Indiana.

A nine-month operation resulted in 79 alleged pedophiles being arrested from California to New Jersey, the Attorney General’s office in New Jersey said Friday night.

The operation called ‘Operation Safety Net’ led to the arrest of “sexual predators” in California and Indiana who allegedly tried to traffic children from New Jersey to those states to abuse them, said the office of attorney general Christopher Porrino.

That was the case of George Castillo, 36, of Inglewood, California, who faces federal charges for attempting to engage in “criminal sexual activity” and for producing child pornography, and state charges for attempting to traffic a minor.

Castillo asked an undercover police officer in New Jersey to help him move a 4-year-old girl from Los Angeles so he could abuse her. The same asked an undercover agent in Washington DC for the same date. He was arrested last October at the Los Angeles airport, where he arrived to meet the minors.

The “shadows of social networks”

The men, according to the prosecutor, used the internet and social networks to reach minors. In the operation fell, for example, a minister accused of sending his obsessed photos to a minor, a young man of 24 years who used an app to record minors performing sexual acts and a counselor of a camp that allegedly had relations with a teenager 14

“Among those arrested are defendants ranging from 14 years old to 75, who allegedly amassed or distributed large collections of child pornography, including a police officer, a swimming coach, a piano teacher …”, said the prosecutor’s office. release.

Three brothers arrested had in their hands, added the prosecutor, almost 5,000 files of child pornography.

“The men we arrested took advantage of the shadows of the internet and social networks in search of opportunities to sexually assault children or to observe those despicable aggressions by sharing child pornography,” Porrino said about the operation in which authorities from the criminal justice division participated. of the state, the Department of Homeland Security and the 21 counties of New Jersey.

They also resorted to a mobile forensic laboratory and sniffer dogs, explained the prosecutor.

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