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New York City is the home of several of the most highly respected museums in the world. Now, a new museum is opening up in Manhattan, and this museum’s theme is the world of espionage.

The new SPYSCAPE Museum is a 60,000 square foot structure designed by British architect David Adajye. His goal when designing the museum was to create a museum that didn’t look like any others. He wanted each gallery to be unique, and he wanted to create interactive experiences for those who would visit the museum.

SPYSCAPE is made up of seven different galleries. These galleries include Deception, Encryption, Cyber Warfare and Intelligence among others.

When a visitor pays the admission fee and enters the museum, the visitor is given a wristband to wear. This digital wristband allows the user to fully participate in the many interactive challenges that exist in the museum.

One interactive feature in the museum allows a visitor to play the role of an interrogator who is administering a lie detector test. This role can be reversed, and the visitor can feel what it is like to be the one in the hot seat.

In the Surveillance section of SPYSCAPE, visitors are bombarded with images broadcast on screens around the room. The visitor is then asked to recall as much information from the images as possible.

Another interactive element in the museum tests the visitor to see what type of spy role he or she might best be suited for. Visitors can be classified as cryptologists, spymasters, and technical officers among other designations.

In addition to the interactive displays in the museum, SPYSCAPE also provides the visitor with information about spying and intelligence work in history. Encyrption machines are on display, and there is information available about famous people in the world of intelligence and espionage.

While the museum has a hi-tech design and feel, the cost of visiting may be a detriment to some. Ticket prices are close to $40 for adults, and children’s tickets are over $30.



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