New Shelter Gives No Warning To Residents

City officials New York want to try to do everything they can to get the homeless population off the streets and sidewalks. However, neighbors are not pleased about a new shelter that recently opened on West 58th Street. They claim that there was no warning at all about the shelter opening, and some of them want to see it closed. Even though city officials and police officers want to handle the homeless situation in New York, they weren’t notified about the shelter until it was open. The Department of Homeless Services claims that there were notices sent to the proper authorities and to residents in the area on January 9. Neighbors believe that this was not enough notice and that some of them didn’t receive the notices at all before the shelter opened.

The Mayor has alerted neighbors and city officials that notices aren’t required to go out until after shelters are open. This is likely where the confusion came in to play, but neighbors are still upset that they weren’t told about the shelter. Officials are trying to make things right with the neighborhood. They are asking for any suggestions about a different location that also provides the stability of the homeless without interrupting the lives of neighborhoods.

Leaders know that they can’t sit on any action because something needs to be done. The Department of Homeless Services usually gives residents at least a 30-day notice before a shelter is opened. However, residents don’t feel that the time frame is long enough. They don’t know who will live in the shelter or what the shelter will bring to the neighborhood regarding traffic and businesses. There are also businesses against the new shelter because of the type of activity that could result from the people living there. Officials are trying their best to get as much information to the public as possible and to find a solution to keep the homeless in some kind of shelter.

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