New York City Hit With Brutal Snowstorm

Dangerously cold and snowy weather continues to blanket the northeastern United States. New York City had 13 inches of snow dumped on it. There were also winds that reached the level of 50 mph. These dangerous conditions caused over 2,000 flights in the New York City area to be grounded until the weather improves. There is no telling when that will be. The forecast does not look good for the entire area. Mayor de Blasio warned people to be on the lookout for ice if you are walking or driving because the cold will keep everything frozen for the foreseeable future.

New York City’s Central Park had a record nine inches of snow fall in a single day. The driving in the city is going to be very dangerous until the temperatures begin to warm up. This is because the extreme cold prevents the snow removal trucks from getting everything cleared away. Therefore, city officials are warning people to be very cautious and do not follow the vehicle in front of you too closely when you are driving in the city. This will prevent cars from sliding into the vehicles in front of them if they slide on the ice while trying to stop.

The city of New York sent out a message on Twitter urging people to avoid driving in the dangerous weather conditions. It also asked commuters to take a bus or train to get into the city. Governor Cuomo told citizens that the Long Island Expressway was a nightmare because of the snow. He said that people should expect a commute that is even more difficult than normal. The Long Island Expressway is the road that all commuters who live on Long Island must take if they work in Manhattan.

The trains and subways had some mechanical problems because of the extreme cold. However, the delays were reported to be mostly minor. There were far fewer people using these methods of transportation when the snow started to fall in large amounts. Trees had fallen onto the tracks in certain areas. However, they were quickly removed. There were nearly 100 minor car accidents throughout the city by the middle of the day. This number was expected to increase significantly as the weather worsened. City officials pleaded with people to stay off the roads unless it is absolutely necessary that they need to be somewhere. Otherwise, wait until the weather gets better.

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