New York City’s #1 Resident In Hot Water Again

If news accounts are correct, President Donald Trump is spending this 2018 celebration of Martin Luther King Day at his private home and golf course in Florida while many people in the rest of the USA particularly in the nation’s capital are, figuratively, up in arms and ready to go at him. It appears our president is in desperate need of surgery to rearrange his brain cells and a complete tongue removal.

Among the first orders of business on the Congressional calendar following MLK Day is a plan by two African-Americans to present a censure document on the floor relative to America’s immigration policy. While the birthplace of some American citizens is Haiti or some African country, no one stops to question if Donald Trump is a native New Yorker or how many generations back his American roots exist. The only true non-immigrant Americans are of Native American/Indian origin.

Rumors of impeachment procedures are already being heard in the hallways of congressional buildings. One Texas Democratic congressman implied he would sponsor legislation in the very near future. According to Joy Reid of MSNBC, during an interview with a TV Pastor/Evangelist, when she attempted to lure him into an off-color discussion, he counseled her that she had as much right to her colorful opinion as he did to his bland one, the pastor disconnected his mike and turned away from the camera.

Fox News Analyst Ben Shapiro maintains that Trump was referring to poverty conditions that readily exist in Haiti. Does he not see or realize that adverse economic conditions exist within blocks of Trump Tower? Taking time to research economic conditions in Haiti will reveal that there are native born residents who are wealthy enough to make Donald Trump appear to be a middle class citizen on Haiti’s economic scale.

Prior to departing from Washington on Friday, January 12, 2018, President Trump was praised and condemned in a Washington Post article for being pro and anti the same issue. One one hand, it was suggested that he believes Haitians and other Africans should be included in the DACA proposal. On the other hand, President Trump was lauded by an MLK family member for citing that this day is meant to be a way to make America great again, by all Americans being united in love for each other regardless of race, creed, color or national origin.

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