New York health officials urged all New Yorkers to ensure they get a flu shot after two kids were reported dead because of the flu.

On Tuesday health officials from the health department in New York City were urging all the New Yorkers to get a shot for the flu which had already killed two children. The officials from the department of health and hygiene also pleaded with the public to stay at home if they feared to be infected with the virus. On Monday the city officials announced the New Yorkers that some children died of the flu. One of the victims is Amely Baez, 8.The young girl started experiencing breathing difficulties, and around Monday morning she was no more.

According to the health officials, Amely was the second kid in 2018 to die from the flu. The description for the second death was termed as only pediatric; the officials didn’t present more details. The officials didn’t put it clear whether Amely and the second had earlier received the flu shots. However, Dr. Mary Bassett confirmed that getting the shot for the flu was crucial and it would save many lives. Dr. Mary Bassett reported that the state and the nation as a whole as for the past several months had undergone a devastating flu activity which has seen the emergency rooms flood with flu-related cases. She confirmed that most patients who visited the hospitals for treatment, the highest complains were flu-related.

She continued to say that in the last four years the flu has been a real challenge for the health officials. She reminded the New Yorkers that flu wasn’t the cough and the usual sniffles they experience every morning or late in the evening. Many deaths have been due to influenza-related illnesses and pneumonia-related illnesses. Mary urged that it was crucial that they fully understand the difference between the illnesses. In a conference on Tuesday, Dr. Mary said that over 30% of vaccinations had been given out since last year. She gave a number to dial for all those persons who had not yet received the vaccination. One could call or text to 311 for assistance.

Lorelei Salas, an official at the Department of Consumer Affairs commissioner, said that those who were suffering from the flu should stay at home and get better. She insisted that it was not appropriate to spread the flu to those who are not infected. Lorelei said that all workers who fall sick should be given immediate sick leave. The city’s officials backed the move and reminded all employers to comply with the move. Councilman, Mark Levine said that the whole situation needed teamwork or all the New Yorkers would pay the price.

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