New York Is Looking To The Yankees To Win The Title

The last thing the Yankees need is more pressure, but Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge and company really need to win a World Series. With the Super Bowl in the past, the attention has turned to baseball. The Eagles have taken their first championship since the 60’s, and the heat is on. There are nine local sports teams including New York hockey, basketball, football and baseball. These teams have lost the last 54 campaigns, and there has not been a win since 2012’s Super Bowl XLVI. The losses will reach 59 by the summer unless the Rangers, Islanders or Devils come through.

The New York hockey, basketball and football teams are all ramping up or tearing down, and the Mets have not taken the crown since 1986. This places the pressure on the Yankees. Although many fans loved Chase Headley and Starlin Castro, the Yankees did not. They have still upgraded the team, and for the first time since the new Yankee Stadium was built, their attendance is expected to rise for consecutive seasons. Stanton and Judge interacted publicly at the dinner in Manhattan for the Baseball Writers Association as teammates for the first time. This dynamic is expected to increase once they have their uniforms on.

Once Didi Gregorius, the beast Gary Sanchez, a healthy Greg Bird, the veteran Brett Gardner, Aaron Hicks, and the most recent stud Gleyber Torres are added to the mix, the result is a massive amount of star power. This is exactly what the game needs. If Greg Bird remains healthy, he may be the X-factor. The deep farm system of the Yankees is set to provide both trade chips and reinforcements. Brian Cashman’s management of the payroll may mean there is room for additional acquisitions. They are trying to remain under the luxury-tax threshold of $197 million, and this team is way too legitimate to quit. For additional information, please visit

The Astros are the defending champions, and during the AL Championship Series they ousted the Yankees. The Astros have added Gerritt Cole, the trade target of the Yankees. The rotation will include Justin Verlander for the entire season. The expectation for the Red Sox is the addition of either a big bat or J.D. Martinez. The Indians are too well run to be written off. In the NL, the Nationals, Cubs and Dodgers all have the capability to end their droughts. New York has suffered long enough, it has to be their turn.

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