Police kill innocent man after receiving a false report of a murder and kidnapping in Kansas

In a call to 911, a man reported that he had killed his father and was holding his mother and brother hostage. The Wichita police approached the house and in a moment of confusion fatally shot an unarmed person. Everything was a lie.

A call to 911 in Wichita, Kansa, alerted the police to a probable crime in development. The man speaking said he has just shot his father, and is holding his mother and brother hostage.

The police arrive at the residence. They surround the house where a man comes from and when he puts a hand to his waist an officer thinks he is carrying a gun and shoots him, killing him, explains a report from The Wichita Eagle.

But the man was not armed, nor was anyone injured inside his house, says Troy Livingston, deputy head of the Wichita police, reporting that it was a false report made by a prankster.

The victim has not been identified by the police, but Lisa Finch told the Wichita Eagle that it was her son, Andrew Finch.

Finch told the newspaper that his son had heard movements outside the house and went to the door to investigate what happened when moments later he was shot by the police.

The practice of making a false report so that a SWAT tactical squad arrives somewhere is known as “swatting” and is common among users of online games. But relatives said that Finch was not a player.

“Due to the actions of a prankster, we have an innocent victim,” Livingston said. He said no one has been arrested in connection with the false call.

The police posted the audio of the 911 call on their social networks. The interrogation proceeds with relative fluency and the false attacker answers all the questions the officer asks on the other side of the line.

The complainant told the officer that his father had been shot in the head and that he had his mother and brother at gunpoint. The caller, speaking relatively calmly, says he sprays gasoline in the house and “could set it on fire.”

Several police arrived and surrounded the house, preparing for a hostage situation . When Finch came to the door, the agents told him to raise his hands and not to make sudden movements.

But Livingston said the man moved a hand to his waist, an area where guns are often carried. An officer, fearing he was trying to take a gun, made a single shot. Finch died a few minutes later in a hospital. Livingston said that Finch was unarmed.

The officer who shot, with seven years of experience on the force, is suspended with with pay while the investigation is being conducted.

The Finch family allowed reporters to enter their home on Friday.

“What gives the police the right to shoot?” He asked. “That policeman killed my son for a false report in the first place,” said Lisa Finch.

The woman said the family was forced to walk barefoot in the cold and was handcuffed after the police shot her son. He added that his granddaughter was forced to pass over her uncle while he was dying and that no weapons were found in the house.

The FBI estimates that about 400 cases of “swatting” occur annually and that some pranksters use devices to prevent their phone number being recognized. The federal agency is investigating the case together with the local authorities.

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