Could Tebow Move to the Majors?

Tim Tebow is currently in spring training with the Mets, and not the Class A team. New York Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson spoke with reporters on Sunday, telling them that he could foresee former Heisman Winner Tim Tebow playing in the majors, but his statement was cautious. Alderson said, “I think he will play in the major leagues. That’s my guess, that’s my hope, and to some extent now after a year and a half, a modest expectation.”

The year and a half Alderson refers to is the time Tebow spent in the Class A’s. According to ESPN, Tebow played 126 games last season, with 64 of those games spent with the St. Lucie Mets. His position was left or center field for the games in which he was not a designated hitter. With a .226 batting average and 52 runs batted in, he is a solid player capable of holding his own. However, at 30 years old, he is a bit late getting his MLB start. And there still isn’t any firm decision on whether he will picked up by the Mets in the upcoming season.

The 2017 season was the first full season in which Tebow has played baseball. The last time was his junior year of high school 12 years ago. When questioned about his future as a major league player, Tebow remained humble. He told reporters that he is taking things one day at a time. He’s trying to maintain “tunnel vision” and focus on his performance in the field. He said he would “lock in” and give it his all. He aims to focus on his training sessions, learn from the coaches and work “as hard as he can.”

He doesn’t think about the big leagues, he continued. He has to think about day-to-day training. He went on to describe his passion for the game. Spring training will last for six weeks, after which the Mets will make their decision about his future with the organization. He may carry his passion back to the minors, but Alderson believes Tebow has the ability to “reach the highest level of sport.

If Tebow does impress the coaches and makes a move to CitiField, it wouldn’t be his first time in the metropolitan area. No stranger to the five boroughs, he played for the New York Jets before turning his sights to baseball.


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