Things That Will Unfold If The Government Is Put To Rest

Over the last 48 hours, there has been serious talk about the federal government shutting down until a final budget is met for 2018. Though many people have been talking about the need for a budget, there has not been much talk about what will happen if the government does stop functioning. There are several things that will take place beginning next week.

If the government shuts down, the people who will hurt the most are those in the military. Beginning next week, a government shutdown means active and inactive military men and women will not be paid. As for as active members are concerned, they have a duty to serve the county even if the government does shut down. The only good news is that back pay will be given to people in the military once the government is up and running again. The bad news is that no one is sure how long it can take to reach a decision for the 2018 budget.

Another thing that will happen next week is that federal workers will be out of work until a budget is reached. Though these individuals will not be fired, they will be out of work until a budget is reached. Like those in the military, federal workers will also be given back pay.

The tricky situation with the federal government is the fact that we are so close to tax season. It is possible that there will be no one to process income tax submissions if the government is still shut down at the end of January. This is scary for many families who have been counting on their income tax check in order to get caught up on their bills.

The government hopes a 2018 budget decision will be made in less than 15 days, but nothing is for sure when it comes to the government.

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