Tourist Infected With Measles Visits New York City

A tourist from Australia that recently visited New York City has health officials concerned after it has been disclosed that the visitor was infected with the measles. While in the city for five days a week ago the visitor stayed at several area hotels and was present at multiple tourists attractions in the city including the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The visitor arrived in the city on February 16 and checked into a room at the La Quinta Inn located in the Upper Westside of Manhattan. Health officials report that the sick individual stayed at the La Quinta Inn until the 19th and while there was part of a bible group that twice visited the museum.

The visitor would then leave the hotel in Manhattan and check into a Best Western Hotel located on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. The visitor would spend two nights in the Brooklyn hotel before moving to a Comfort Inn in Orange County.

The individual would eventually become ill while in Goshen, a small town located about 66 miles to the north of the city. After seeking aide at an urgent care facility the visitor was transferred to the Regional Medical Center of Orange County.

The measles virus is highly contagious and attacks the respiratory system. It is passed through contact with secretions from the throat or nasal areas of infected individuals. Health officials explain that those coming into contact with the virus may first develop a fever before experiencing excessive watering of the eyes and running of the nose. This is usually followed by the rash that the measles is known for producing.

Complicating the matter is the fact that the virus can remain commutable both in the air and on solid surfaces for two hours.

Dr. Robert Glatter explains that individuals that have contracted measles become contagious about a week after they experience the first symptoms of the disease. Glatter highlights how dangerous the situation is by noting that a person can contract the illness by simply being in the same room with an infected person.

The World Health Organization reports that cases of the disease exploded in Europe last year and resulted in the deaths of 35 children. The biggest outbreak was seen in Romania where over 5000 people would eventually become ill from the measles.


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