Trayvon Rally in New York Supported by Beyonce and Jay Z

Thousands of people commemorating Trayvon Martin were joined by Beyoncé Knowles and rapper husband Jay Z. The crowd went wild with cheers as they joined the dead teen’s mother, Sybrina Fulton. The rallies were organized across a hundred cities with the slogan “We Shall Overcome” by Rev Al Sharpton, the veteran black preacher and activist of The National Action Network.

The rally’s aim was to press for the prosecution of George Zimmerman who was Trayvon’s killer and also initiate a change in the self-defense laws that govern the country. Rev Sharpton said that they wanted to repeal and change the controversial laws of self-defense so that such a thing never happened again.

The lawyers of Zimmerman failed to cite “Stand Your Ground” in the defense of Zimmerman, but the judge explained it before the acquittal in her instructions to the jury.
Attorney General Holder and President Obama also questioned such laws that made people use lethal force instead of retreating to safety. The supporters and family of Trayvon want to pursue civil rights charges against the boy’s killer, Zimmerman.

However, even after the rallies and the investigation that is following the case and laws, experts are sure that prosecution would not be likely.

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