US Doctor with Ebola Virus Confesses He has No Regrets

Monrovia, Liberia – For Dr. Kent Brantly, contracting the deadly Ebola virus was a high risk. This is because he opted to serve a medical humanitarian mission to provide much needed medical services to people suffering from the Ebola virus. Liberia has been suffering from a deadly outbreak of the disease and the highly contagious nature of it limits the number of people willing to help the sick. Dr. Brantly’s own plight is a prime example of the risks these caregivers take. Despite that, he states that he has no regrets over his decision to help people suffering from this disease.

That isn’t to say he’s not afraid for his own life. Dr. Brantly is now a patient at a treatment center for those who are infected. He admits that he is terrified over the prospects of what might happen should his infection spread any further. Admittedly, he is well aware of how the disease progresses and what it can do. He has turned to his faith in God and fervently prays that he will be able to overcome the disease. Mortality rates vary wildly with this disease and are reported to be between 50% and 90%. Receiving adequate treatment and early detection no doubt play crucial roles in increasing chances of a recovery and one might think that those factors are in Dr. Brantly’s favor. They are not. Doctors are not hopeful that he will make it.

There were attempts to transport him to Europe where he can receive better treatment, but given the severity of his condition and the risk of spreading the infection, his transport request was denied by nations in the flyover path. Sadly, there is no known cure for this disease, but those who have it can spread it through their bodily fluids including during intercourse.

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