Winter Storm Grayson Assaults The Big Apple

Winter storm Grayson has arrived in New York City in the predawn hours and by Thursday’s end, the city’s five boroughs could see as much as 10 inches of snow.

The ‘bomb cyclone’ as winter storm Grayson has been called has caused Long Island to issued blizzard warnings in anticipation of what could be a foot of snow.

The cold will be an issue also as an already chilly high of 28 is expected to be wind chilled to feel more like 18. Safety authorities are urging residents to take cover and only brave the roads if absolutely necessary as the snow and ice along with high winds will create extremely dangerous traveling conditions.

The poor conditions have already taken its toll on the New York transit system as service for the local Bronx number 6 train has been suspended until further notice. The northbound E and F trains are presently running but the situation is being closely monitored by officials.

Newark Liberty International Airport has been forced to cancel over 450 flights and another 250-plus have been canceled by La Guardia. In addition to these flight groundings, John F. Kennedy International airport has added nearly 200 flights to this tally.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has already made the announcement that all schools in the city, as well as afterschool programs, will be non-operational.

Storm forecasters explain that winter storm Grayson is expected to be affected by a process called ‘bombogenesis.’ This process happens when cold air makes contact with warm air masses resulting in a rapid strengthening of the storm.

Faye Morrone, a weather service meteorologist explains that the ominous name aside, ‘bombogenesis’ is a routine occurrence along the country’s east coast and happens a handful of times each winter season.

Snow and ice have also been noted in other areas along the eastern seaboard as Charleston, South Carolina was pelted with 5 inches Wednesday.

This story is continuing to develop. More information on winter storm Grayson, as well as updates on the storm, can be seen in New York Daily News.

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