How New York Is Fairing So Far

While many residents from the state of New York are returning from the Christmas holiday, the state authorities are pounding the political pavement already. The New York City mayor, Bill de Blasio was on Monday sworn in for his second official term. On Wednesday, the state of the state address is set to be delivered by New York Governor, Andrew M. Cuomo. The stakes for the governor are too high in this new year of 2018.

Gov. Cuomo who hails from the Democratic Party is in his first term in office as governor for the state of New York and is set to campaign for re-election in November this year. He is also set to become a frontrunner for the country’s top seat in the 2020 presidential elections. Governor Cuomo has been praised for his achievements during his tenure in office such as the passage of legislation that legalized same-sex marriage in the state of New York, paid family leave, raising the minimum wage labor laws and tuition-free college.

However, his term in office has also been encountered with some problems. Many critics blame Gov. Cuomo for the transit crisis in the city of New York. He has also been sharply criticized for his slow and non-affirmative response to allegations of sexual harassment against one of his former senior assistants. The governor has also been connected with one of the people who worked in his office who is set to face trial on charges of corruption later this month. In his state of the state address then in the afternoon of Wednesday of January 3, the governor is set to speak out his vision for the great state of New York to residents. The following are some of the plans that he is expected to address.

The governor is set out to lay out his gun violence proposal to keep firearms out of the hand of those who have committed gun violence before and criminals while still upholding the second amendment in federal law. He is also set out to give proposals for criminal justice reform such as revenge porn and sextortion and addressing sexual harassment at the workplace.

Mr. Cuomo is intended to give a proposal known as “No student Goes Hungry” which is set to provide kids from pre-school all the way up to colleges and Universities a healthy and decent meal. Another proposal is set for graduates and students settles their debts and loans. A plan is also underway to assist the students in the state to better navigate the job market.

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