LaGuardia Airport Employees Root for Coyote

LaGuardia Airport continues to make headlines but this time it isn’t about the traffic, the lack of parking or even the ongoing construction efforts. This time it’s about a coyote named Dumbo who has eluded those who have tried to capture him. But that’s not all. Dumbo has received assistance from airport employees who have named the creature and continue to cheer him on.

According to employees, a pack of coyotes roamed LaGuardia but the pack was significantly reduced when Port Authority workers and environmental officers trapped a number of coyotes and killed them. The coyote killings prompted airport employees to protect Dumbo from a similar fate.

At one point, employees threw rocks at the coyote to keep him away from a trap. One employee, Rob Cadiz, told reporters, “They said they were going to trap him and they were going to kill him and that wasn’t the agreement.”

The Port Authority said this was not the case. They claim they are working with wildlife management agencies to relocate Dumbo. If that occurs, then airport employees say they will visit him in his new home.

It is estimated that six wolves were taken from the pack and Dumbo is the only surviving member of the group. Though it isn’t often for coyotes to be found roaming highly populated urban areas, over the past couple of years one coyote was found on a rooftop in Long Island City, Queens and another was spotted in Upper Manhattan.

The state’s environmental officers are working to capture the coyote, but other wildlife experts don’t believe capture is necessary. Frank Vincenti of the Wild Dog Foundation told New York 1 that the coyote runs when threatened and is simply looking for “land and food.”

Whatever the reason for the coyote’s presence at the airport, employees are taken with the creature. One described him as a “beautiful animal.” Another thought that the Port Authority was “being sneaky” in their attempts to trap and kill Dumbo. Coyotes might not be known for their loyalty, but Dumbo’s humans are sticking by him.


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