L’Wren Scott suicide reveals tragic code of city’s glitzy scene

Renowned fashion designer L’Wren Scott committed suicide last Monday 17th March in a Chelsea, UK apartment. According to columnist Maureen Callahan of New York Post, Scott hanged herself inside a $5.6 million apartment. Immediately after few hours of her death, Scott’s life revealed a veneer of facade that was her life. Reports indicate that Scott was at least $6 million in debt, and her close friends in the fashion world did not know about her life despairs.

Looking at designer L’Wren Scott Instagram feed reveals that she belongs to the 1%, a gold plated member among select international elite. Her itinerary reveals that she had been on a vacation in India with her boyfriend Mick Jagger; at his retreat located on the Mystique Island. Scott’s glitzy lifestyle rotated around poolside lounging, wearing designer sunglasses, handbags and gold jewelry alongside boarding chattered Helicopter and private planes

To live a fabulous life is the dream of many celebrities, more so in New York. According the Daily Post report as of September 2013, the New York City household incomes stood at $50,895. The US Census statistics further indicates that up to 49% of New Yorkers resided in residential units that are unaffordable, with rent consuming up to 30% of their incomes. Indeed, the latest March issue of Forbes magazine ranks New York City the most over priced American metropolis.

The world of fashion modeling is a superficial industry where there exist a huge disparity between reality and image says Sara Ziff, a New York City model and activist. Sara further tells New York Post that the majority of models do not command gargantuan sums of money as most working in debt for their agencies. This is in addition to the fact that, most individuals do not have the emotional support to back their lifestyles.

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