New York City Sanitation Department Cleans Up Times Square After New Year’s Party

The New York City Sanitation Department faced a gargantuan task of cleaning up Times Square after one of the world’s largest New Year’s Eve celebrations in the world. It is estimated that up to 50 tons of trash will have to be removed from the crossroads of the world, following the New Year’s celebrations. Last year, city workers removed about 49 tons of waste after the party.

New York’s Sanitation Department said it managed to clean up Times Square after about 16 hours of work using a lot of manpower and specialized cleaning vehicles. That is amazing, when you think of the amount of trash 50 tons entails. 3,000 pounds of confetti alone were dropped on New Year’s Eve. In addition, there are plenty of New Year’s gear such as hats, streamers, clothing, food, and all kinds of other things. One sanitation worker says that they pretty much find and clean up anything and everything you can think off following the New Year’s Day event at Times Square.

The massive cleanup effort in New York City was successfully completed by almost 300 sanitation workers immediately following the New Year’s party. It was estimated that over a million people were in Times Square for the ball drop and fireworks there. The hundreds of sanitation workers used mechanical brooms, collection trucks, backpack blowers and large manual sweeping brooms to clean the streets.

Workers first swept the debris off the sidewalks and onto the streets using hand brooms. Then mechanical brooms on vehicles picked up the trash from the streets and deposited them onto a fleet of collection trucks. Blowers were also used to blow debris from sidewalks and squares and unto the streets.

The entire cleaning process is very methodical and well planned out. It involves using manpower, technology and a cleaning procedure that can be described as a science. The New York City Sanitation Department is thus able to clean 50 tons of trash in under a day. This is a remarkable feat when you think of the incredible volume that needs to be removed in such as short span of time.

Following the New Year’s Eve celebrations at Time Square, many people thanked the cleaning workers at the New York Sanitation Department. People on social media said that they were the real MVPs of the night. It is praise that is well deserved when you think of the massive amount of trash that they had to clean up and the frigid temperatures they had to work through. After the cleanup, New York’s Time Square looks as clean as before. You could not tell a major party of more than a million people took place there just a day before.

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