Supportive Housing Unit Opens to Help Harlem’s Homeless

New York City is one of the largest cities in the United States. With that in mind, these larger cities are typically home to many distinct neighborhoods. Harlem is one of the most popular neighborhoods in New York City. Since its beginnings, Harlem has been known for its well-respected music and food institutions. Unfortunately, this neighborhoods isn’t without problems of its own. The main problem that many feel is harming this neighborhood has to do with the many homeless people living here that are in need of shelter.

A building that contains 34 housing units was recently opened in order to help those families who are living on the streets of Harlem. All efforts made to get this project started was made by a nonprofit named WIN. The main goal of this project for WIN was to provide homeless families with the support they need to be off of the streets forever. The NY Daily News reported that the funding for this project came from loan and tax credits from the city’s Housing Preservation & Provisional Department.

This housing unit is designed not only to shelter those who are homeless but to also help provide them with new skills. A major aspect of what makes being homeless difficult is the struggle to obtain further education or a job. Fortunately, those staying within this housing unit will obtain financial and job training as well as educational opportunities.

The future for Harlem’s homeless population is beginning to look brighter than it has in quite a while. The implementation of supportive housing is something that many people are getting behind, including the mayor of New York City. Mayor Bill de Blasio has even been reported as saying that he plans on having
15,000 of these units constructed throughout New York City within the next 15 years.

To summarize, a new supportive housing unit has just been finished in the New York City neighborhood of Harlem. The location of this housing unit is important when considering that Harlem is struggling with an immense problem related to housing local homeless individuals. This program was started by the nonprofit group WIN and is gaining a lot of traction. The Mayor of New York City plans to open thousands more of these units within the next few decades.

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