The NYPD Solve a Rape Case That a Newspaper termed As a Hoax In 1994

The New York Police Department has finally cracked a rape case that is now 23-years-old which the newspaper called a hoax some time back. A woman was attacked by a stranger while taking a walk through the Prospect Park in Brooklyn during daytime back in 1994 when the assailant clocked her from the back, dragged her to a wooden slope and continued with the heinous act. The woman who was by then 27 years old was out jogging and heading home from a grocery shop.

The victim shared her account with the New York Police Department who doubted the account of events and involved the media by sharing their skeptical views. A then columnist with New York daily news, Mike McAlary who is now deceased wrote that he had gotten a source from the police that the woman had made up the story. The author continued to claim that the victim’s motives were that the engineered story would bolster a speech that she planned to give against violence against lesbians at a rally. After a short period, the police quickly reversed their statement by reporting that semen samples had been collected from the woman’s clothes and body.

However, the police department has admitted that they were not able to separate the collected samples with the DNA of the victim due to technological limitations at the time which would lead to a successful possible DNA match. The advent of new technology has now made it possible to match the collected samples with the DNA of a filed suspect. At the time the Late McAlary continued to write newspaper articles which cast doubt on the integrity of the victim’s accusations and made calls for her arrest. The victim filed a suit against the newspaper for defamation and libel. However, the judge who was responsible for adjudicating the case placed a burden of proof that was unusually high for the victim arguing that her activism had made her a public figure.

This claims by the federal judge could not substantiate as she was never mentioned by the New York newspaper nor the New York Police Department. The case was ultimately dismissed, and the paper McAlary passed on in 1998. The NYPD police boss, Robert Boyce said that the investigation had taken a new course as advancements in technology had assisted the detectives in identifying a DNA match to the collected semen samples on the victim.

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