Woman Rescued After Getting Stuck Under The Subway

A woman in Brooklyn suffered serious injuries after she fell between the platform and subway tracks. The woman was pinned between the subway car and the tracks. She was not able to get up because of her injuries. The incident reportedly occurred at the Bedfod Avenue Station. The L Train was headed north to Brooklyn.

Outbound and Inbound train service was suspended until the woman was rescued. The woman, whose name has not been released to the public, was taken to the hospital after she was rescued. She is reportedly in stable condition.

Liam Le Guerre was on his way to work when he saw the woman fall under the subway. He stated that it was nerve-wracking to see something like that. He also stated that many people in New York fear that the same thing will happen to them.

Jasper Basch is a 26-year-old film distributor who also witnessed the incident when it happened. He stated that it was scary to see. He saw the woman stumble along the platform before she fell. Jasper stated that the train stopped when the woman fell. He also said that the scariest thing about the situation was not knowing whether he just saw someone die.

The woman reportedly passed out on the train platform. No one knows exactly why she passed out. The doctors are running tests are on her while she is in the hospital. The woman was stuck under the platform for 20 minutes.

Riders stated that there were amazed at how quickly the firefighters were able to rescue the woman. Jasper is happy that the woman survived. He stated that the outcome was as good as one can expect. Don Lewis is the woman’s neighbor. He stated that she is a very sweet woman. He also stated that she says hi to everyone she meets.

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